There are several appliances in your home that make your everyday life better. Our expert technicians are trained to repair all the appliances in your home and have them working in no time. If you want a full service Repair Company that has the ability to repair your appliances call Premier Appliance Repair Company today to make an appointment.


We offer services to repair all the following appliances:


Refrigerator and Freezer: If you have ever come out to find that you have a fridge or freezer that has stopped working you know that you have to work quickly to save all the food that is being preserved in them. On any given day there is on average about $150 worth of food. If the appliance stops working that food will start to thaw out or warm up and possibly spoil. If you don’t find the refrigerator or freezer has stopped right away you may have already lost the food that was in them.


We offer full services repair and can have a repair technician out right away to help save you from losing money. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our expert technician.
Washer and Dryer: The washer and dryer is the appliance that is used to keep all your clothes and bedding cleaned and smelling fresh. If one of both go out you are now stuck with laundry that is going to continue to build up every day. Laundry is something that never ends and the longer you are out of a washer and dryer the harder it will be to get back on track. Make sure that you have your washer and dryer working well and efficiently by not only working but working efficiently. Call us today!


Dishwasher, Oven and Stove: These are three of the most important part of a kitchen and are used on a daily basis to cook and clean your meals. Most families will cook at least one meal a day in their kitchen. If you have an oven or stove that has gone out you are sure to be stuck eating out and spending more money to feed your family. Once you have eaten you need to get your dishes washed in a timely manner and sanitized. If the dishwasher has gone out you stuck using your own precious time to clean all the dishes and letting them sit on your counter to allow them to dry off.


We offer full service appliance repair and have expert and experienced technicians standing by to come out and take care of your appliance repair needs. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our office staff members.